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Vision and Mission


  • To be the leading and international accredited sterilization services provider for healthcare and medical industry in Sabah and in the region.
  • To be the leading solution provider to all healthcare in Sabah and the region in compliance to the International Standard & Medical Devices Act 2012.
  • To be the leading and premier Healthcare and Occupational, Safety & Health’s training and consultancy provider in Sabah and in the region.


Our Customers

  • To provide sterilization services in accordance to the International Standard (ISO) to healthcare industry in Sabah and the region as our core business as well as to be the most trusted resource in the sterilization market, dedicated to the advancement of own employees, clients and suppliers.
  • To serve as catalyst in providing the best-in-class quality prevention and solutions provider for consumer as well as healthcare service throughout Sabah and the region.
  • To meet and exceed the expectation and requirements by focusing on solutions to fit our customers’ needs.  We provide our customers with highly reliable and safe serilization services.  Full customer satisfaction is our prime objective.
  • To serve as catalyst for the local community throughout the country  to enhance human capital through providing quality education or training in Healthcare and Occupational, Safety & Health (OSH) that increase educational expertise, collaborative research with local research centres, and innovative business development fostering diverse employment opportunities.

Our Team 

  • The operation team’s mission is to comply with the operation’s protocols and guidelines as well as to focus on becoming one of the leading independent and safest sterilization facility plant and solution providers in Sabah and in the region. 
  • To work as a unified team and committed in delivering quality sterilization services in the region that meet local and international standards by focusing on the decontamination & disinfection. 
  • Tolerances and respect for each other define a working environment that encourages each team member to contribute his/her skills knowledge and experience. Continuous personnel’s skills and career development through training to ensure the company’s workforces are competent and dedicated performance at every level of our company. 
  • To deliver professional Healthcare and Occupational Health & Safety’s training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance.