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Quality Policy

At WHS Sterilization Service Sdn.Bhd. (WSSSB), we are committed to ensure high quality services are provided to our clients, and to ensure that this high quality services continue to improve with the aim of being the most reputed and leading sterilization services company in Sabah and the region; by delivering quality sterilization and professional services.

To achieve our vision, WSSSB continuously strives to:

  • Adhere to customer specification and satisfaction,
  • Adhere to local and international statutory and regulatory requirements,
  • Keep cost minimal without compromising on the quality and safety,
  • Adhere to continuous improvement and maintain the effective functioning of the Quality Management System.

Hence, WSSSB will ensure that:

  • Every employee employed is committed towards the maintenance and continual improvement of the company’s quality policy.
  • Top management will provide the leadership, resources, support and direction necessary to ensure a continual improvement in the quality of services.
  • The company will provide appropriate facilities and sufficient tools to sustain and continuous improvement in quality of services. 
  • These services are offered in a manner that shows due regard and respect for the social and physical environment within which we operate.
  • The Quality Policy will be reviewed for continuing suitability for the operation during the management review in which meeting will be held at least once in every 12 months or any other shorter period of time if deemed necessary or as per Director’s instruction.

It is the responsibility of each and every WSSSB staff to ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained and they in turn shall comply with the Quality Policy at all times in the execution of their assigned duty.